The Graduate

Hi Dustin Hoffman. Or should I say... (double initial alert!) Benjamin Braddock.
I watched The Graduate for the first time in ages last night. And I decided to screencap it as I did so for blog post purposes.
I love you S&G.
During the first portion of the movie, I realllyyyyyyyyy found myself relating to Benjamin. Not in the I'm-having-sex-with-a-high-school-classmate's-parent way, but in the sort of post-grad ennui / "what do I doooooooooo?" way. And then I was immediately ashamed of that, because - oh wait - Benjamin Braddock is 20/21 during the course of the movie and I'm 26. But, 26 is the new 21. RIGHT? Ha. 

But really - Dustin Hoffman was 30 during filming and Katharine Ross was 27, so I feel like that helped me relate. If (let me think of a 20 year old actor) Josh Hutcherson was playing Benjamin Braddock I don't think I would've identified with him so much. Yes, Benjamin was supposed to be 20 but he was played by a 30 year old so I didn't really see him as a 20 year old so it doesn't make it so bad that at 26 I'm still relating to someone straight out of college. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Seriously though, casting-wise: Dustin is perfect but REALLY?! He looks 30; he looks his age. Always boyish. But 30. And he was only six years younger than Anne Bancroft who was supposed to be "old enough to be his mother". Ha.
I dream of collecting portrait props from movies. I'd have Elaine's (above). The one of Cher's mother in Clueless. I'd like the portrait of the Weir family from Freaks & Geeks. That school picture of Kim that Edward stares at in Edward Scissorhands. Say what you will about Wedding Crashers, but I'd happily own the painting Todd does of Jeremy. That group shot with Jack at the end of The Shining ("You've always been the caretaker").

I can think of so many of these it makes me want to start a tumblr devoted to them. BUT I'M NOT ALLOWING MYSELF TO START ANY MORE TUMBLR BLOGS.
At this point in the movie there's a bunch of quick cuts back and forth from Benjamin's face to Mrs. Robinson's naked body. And they're so quick you can hardly see anything while you're actually watching the movie. 

When I tried to capture the face you see above I accidentally got a nice graphic nipple shot.  

I decided I'd leave that one out of this post. 

But I do think that it's interesting how the costume/make-up people had Anne Bancroft have such hardcore tan lines as Mrs. Robinson. A choice (that I only fully appreciated when I was surprised with the boob-shot as I went about cropping the screencaps I took). 
Oh hey. I'm just a "20" year old guy.
What do you MEAN I look 30?!?! I can't even legally drink yet!
Who knew Benjamin Braddock and Travis Bickle had so much in common?!? Well, actually the only thing they really have in common is terrible first date choices (bar with women dancing with nipple tassels / porno theater). But.. yeah.
I thought there was some good eating/food acting going on in this scene.
Not a particularly interesting shot, but this is the point in my watching when I decided that Elaine Robinson is one of my new movie character fashion faves.
So much driving in this movie. Which I appreciate. As I love driving.
If I were Elaine, the movie would end right here. Because putting your reproductive organ inside a reproductive organ that I previously emerged from is KIND OF a dealbreaker. If anything's a dealbreaker, I really think that's it.
Well, maybe he's even more like a less-violent-and-creepy Travis Bickle than I thought. There was some light stalking-action going on.
I'm all about her hair.
This shot gave me another idea for a movie-themed-tumblr: images from non-scary movies that look like they're from scary movies.
So that's that.

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  1. i can't decide what i love better: the overblown sunny california shots or the dark and moody shots. perfection!

  2. One, your comments in this post made me laugh - especially the deal breaker one. Ha.
    Two, as much as I love the look and feel and soundtrack of this movie...I totally don't understand it at all.

  3. yes, dealbreaker, sorry bro! you'd always be wondering whether your stretchmarks were as good as your mother's stretchmarks, etc. my fav part of the film is where he's in the old diving suit in the pool and the shot is from underwater and they are yelling at him and their voices are all muffled. it's the best. i love anne bancroft for doing this film. fun to see the clips again, you can tell it's almost the 70s cuz everyone looks oily and a little sickly. i liked hoffman in this film but i think the only film i really ever loved him in is marathon man. and a big yes! to the soundtrack, my sister still has the album she bought then and we listened to it over and over and over.

  4. That's it. I really have to watch that movie now. (Although I still have four weeks to go until I'm a graduate. But I'll have to prepare for that ennui ;-))

  5. I love this movie.

    I remember reading a Vanity Fair article about the making of The Graduate a couple years ago, and they said the original casting was going to be Cybill Shepherd as Elaine and Robert Redford as Benjamin. Robert Redford! Can you imagine?! Apparently, Mike Nichols and a producer were running a scene with Robert (first name basis, us two) and he just wasn't getting it. So Nichols went up to Robert and said, "Think about this scene like this. You know when you strike out with a girl?" And Robert simply said "No" with a straight, blank face. And that's when they knew this wasn't the right movie for him.


  6. Totally makes me crave watching this, soon!

  7. Loved reading this! I can't believe Anne Bancroft is only 6 years older than Dustin Hoffman?! Although, actually, you're right about Dustin Hoffman looking way too mature for 20! So perhaps I can believe it.

  8. Very funny post! This is one of my top 10 movies ever. I love when he submerges himself in the pool at his graduation party. Can definitely relate on so many levels. It never occurred to me how old Dustin Hoffman looked in the movie -- maybe that's a good thing? ;-)


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