Ed Wood

So this movie is definitely newer than the movies I've featured so far, but.... it's in black and white! So. There's that.

Ed Wood (1994). I like to think of it as the Tim Burton movie that even people that hate Tim Burton movies can enjoy. Maybe? I don't know. I like Tim Burton movies.

You never want to insult Sarah Jessica Parker in my presence. One of my friends actually makes fun of me for the enthusiasm in which I will argue on SJP's behalf. As though she was my sister. Make fun of her acting, her appearance, her whatever, Sex and the City - I have arguments ready for you. Beware.
Look at Bela's dogs. The cutest.
If this movie doesn't make you want to wear an angora sweater, I don't know what will.

I have had one angora sweater in my life. I got it when I was a freshman in high school. This guy named Dylan I sat with in health class always used to stroke it and call it my "cloud top". It was pretty fluffy.
I wish there were more restaurants shaped like inanimate objects.
I hadn't seen this movie in years - since way before I'd ever watched Buffy - so this time while I was watching it I kept thinking - "Who is that? What was she in?" It's Drusilla!
All I want is for it to be socially acceptable / non-strange for me to carry an umbrella on a sunny day.

I always say - my skin tone is perfect for a Tim Burton movie.
No joke: "Do the Clam" is my favorite Elvis song.
Freaking Elvira.

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  1. I can't believe I haven't seen this. What a dummy I am.


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