Rah and Rah

Jewelry from Rah and Rah. The jewelry is made / designed by Deborah, Sarah and Ron Powell (Deborah does the illustrations - see more of her work here).

Pablo Boffelli

Some bright & awesome artwork by Pablo Boffelli.


Ana Cabaleiro.
Marika Ryu.
Le Portillon.
Francisca Pageo.
Miami U. Libraries.
Caro Gaedechens.
Aber es war.

Cristina Sitja Rubio

I just finished reading The Magicians, and one of the characters (an evil character referred to as "the Beast" until his name is learned) wears this headpiece of sorts - a branch that obscures his face. It's creepy.

I bring up this point because, well - there's a bit of face-obstruction going on in the awesome works above by Cristina Sitja Rubio.

Kouhei Ashino

Kouhei Ashino.

Clarissa Labin.

Looks from Clarissa Labin.