Move Over, Darling

Today's film is Move Over, Darling starring Doris Day and James Garner (1963). 

The opening credits were pretty great. As you can see.

The movie itself? Well. It was.... something.

Here's the plot (via wikipedia) -
Ellen Wagstaff Arden (Doris Day), a mother of two young children, was believed to be lost at sea following an airplane accident. Her husband, Nick Arden (James Garner), was one of the survivors.
After five years of searching for her, he decides to move on with his life by having her declared legally dead so he can marry Bianca (Polly Bergen), all on the same day. However, Ellen is alive; she is rescued and returns home that particular day. At first crestfallen, she is relieved to discover from her mother-in-law Grace (Thelma Ritter) that her (ex-) husband's honeymoon has not started yet.
When Nick is confronted by Ellen, he eventually clears things up with Bianca, but he then learns that the entire time Ellen was stranded on the island she was there with another man, the handsome, athletic Stephen Burkett (Chuck Connors) - and that they called each other "Adam" and "Eve."
Yup. Pretty ridiculous. Like a jokey version of Cast Away. It's a remake of another movie (that I've added to my to-watch list).
I always take screencaps of California driving scenes because I want to be driving in California.
I loved how blunt and actually like children the children were. Just didn't give a shit about this weird woman who showed up at their house while they were trying to have some fun in the pool.
Shaking wet flowers over someone to wake them up is more humorous (visually) than just dumping the water from the vase itself. Good choice. Good choice.
Note the pink jeep.
Apparently James Garner broke two of Doris Day's ribs in the scene following this one (where he pulls her off his new wife) - ouch. She persevered through the rest of shooting though. Good for her. 

But I will say - this movie was supposed to star Marilyn Monroe, and as much as I appreciate Doris Day in all her Doris-Day-i-ness.... I wish that I could see Marilyn's version. 
Sorry Doris. But, I'd rather see the version with another peroxide blonde.
He caught a fish with his teeth...
.... be impressed.
Oh Don Knotts. You will never not be creepy to me because I've always been oddly obsessed with Pleasantville and you sure are creepish in that.
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  1. There were so many movies Doris Day was in from this time period that were just plain ridiculous. I agree, I would have loved to see Marilyn in it.

  2. i have a crush on james garner. oh man, they sure don't make movies like they used to. in some instances, that's a good thing. the flower shaking part haha. don knotts is the creepiest and annoyingest. he wishes his eyes were marty feldman's eyes but he's not cool enough. i love marty feldman. and james garner. and tommy lee jones. and robert forster (you know, from jackie brown?) i guess i must have an older man type thing. who knew.

  3. these stills are amazing! I need to see this.

  4. I am looking forward to the My Favorite Wife rebuttal. Nobody does terrible stress management as well as Cary Grant.

  5. pretty ridiculous plot, as you said! But great cast, so I may have to see it anyhow! I'm surprised they haven't remade it recently!


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