One Crazy Summer

From now until August I'm going to do a summer movie series. What does that mean? You can probably guess - every movie until Labor Day will be summer-related.
Let's start this series with One Crazy Summer (1986) starring John Cusack and Demi Moore.

As you can tell from the taxidermy cat house, this is a pretty quirky movie - which I fully appreciate. 

Of course, it's also very "eighties".... to its detriment (mostly in the humor stemming from John Cusack's assorted male sidekicks in the movie). 

All the John Cusack / Demi Moore stuff holds up better. 
This dog is supposed to be horrifyingly ugly, but I found him rather cute. He reminds me of Ryan Gosling's dog (only gray). The fact that I'm aware of what Ryan Gosling's dog looks like is probably something I shouldn't admit to, but I will. 
Just a baby.
Demi Moore has a strange (supposedly "hippie") braid look in the movie.
I would totally be more likely to go to a concert marketed on a dog wearing a cone than one marketed on a telephone pole.
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