Gems of the (Previous Few) Week(s)

I haven't done one of these in awhile, so it's pretty lengthy (so lengthy that I had to save some of the stuff for next week's post.)

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"Go ahead, climb into the sewer and break my heart" / Moomin postcards / Emma's pineapple drink recipe / Vic + the Hollywood sign / I recently remembered the existence of "Bubblins" dolls / Wit & Vinegar = a new-to-me food blog I spent a lot of time paging through (this sorbet looks delicious plus in the post Billy includes a reference to my fave Sally Field cinematic speech -"THE WHOLE TIME?") / My Dad Was In A Band / Ugly Fruit / Long Live the Moomins! / the summer issue of Chick Pea magazine / Gary the Capybara / The Runcible Spoon's Two-Hour Cookbook zine / rock people: Peeta & Veruschka / Tegan & Sara at Into the Gloss / a sparkling sloth / how to react to your friend's terrible engagement / a reframing of luxury / The Evolution of Miss Scarlet

Totes, Pouches & Assorted Other Bags

M. Hulot.
Alyson Fox for & Other Stories.
Gravel + Gold / Lucie Sheridan
Studio Fludd.
Tiff Manuell.
Karen Barbe / Allison Krumwiede
Skinny laMinx / Hey Sosi
& other stories.
Want Les Essentiels De La Vie.
Slide Sideways
Clare Vivier.
Beneath the Sun.
Studio Fludd / West Elm
Artemis Leatherware.
& Other Stories.
Antonin + Margaux.