All Summer Long

Everywhere you look you find people talking about the end of summer - not yet, people! NOT YET! There's still plenty of summer fun to come so I will still be listening to The Beach Boys on a near daily basis for a while longer.

Yes, it's pretty cliche to listen to The Beach Boys during the summer, but it's just such a perfect soundtrack (even if you live in Maine, avoid direct sunlight and dislike swimming in the ocean).

This week I'm going to do a GOODS post a day inspired by the title of a song by The Beach Boys. Today's post is "All Summer Long" (so.... assorted items that I find summery with an emphasis on fruit).
Fred Flare.
Pia Murphy.
Olivia Frankenstein.
Be Proud.

Klara Lindahl.
Nikos Koulis.
The Slow Season.
La Lisette.

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Katie Turner.
Lisa Jones Studio.
Neil Rook.
Fredericks & Mae.
Lazy Oaf x Nasty Gal.
Pixel & Post.
& Other Stories.
Gold Teeth Brooklyn.
Strathcona Stockings.
Michoucas Design.
Fresh For You.
MI+ED Design.