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Illustrations of the Coen brothers by Agata M. for The Dissolve.


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The Gnome-Mobile

The Gnome-Mobile (1967) - starring Matthew Garber and Karen Dotrice (the kids from Mary Poppins), Walter Brennan and Tom Lowell.

Some people consider words like "whimsical" and "fanciful" to be bad words, but I love a whimsical movie. Unfortunately, The Gnome-Mobile could stand to have a little MORE whimsy than it does (it's no Mary Poppins), but it's a decent old live-action Disney movie and I much prefer it to a previous movie post - The Moon Spinners.

I wish the Sherman brothers had written a few more songs for it. That would've helped. 
The king of great facial expressions.
So the two kids have a very rich grandfather who owns a lumber company. They go on a picnic in the redwood forest he owns and meet some gnomes - a young dude and his grandfather. The twenty-something gnome is depressed because he spends all his time with his bearded grandpa and doesn't have a lady gnome to procreate with and carry on the species. Sadness. The kids and their grandfather decide to help the gnomes find some more of their kind. Off they go in the GNOME-MOBILE and antics ensue.
The special effects are mind-blowing.
As you can see, they eventually find some other gnomes.
I love Ed Wynn. The movie could've been improved with more Ed Wynn. If you can do a good Ed Wynn impression, you should befriend me and perform it a lot. I promise I won't ever get annoyed.
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