Gems of the Week

An illustration of Being John Malkovich by James Boast.
Herschel Supply for Liberty.
from GM Corp Frigidaire Division's "101 Refrigerator Helps" (1941) via and everything else too.
Nadine Redlich.
Thelma and Louise by Kate Pugsley.
There's going to be a Cabin Porn book.
I'm completely fascinated by the process that goes into making a stop-motion movie - here's a trailer for Laika's newest film (The Boxtrolls) with lots of behind the scenes stuff (I would love to work there). There's another more plot-centric trailer too (and another).
Packaging by Justin Nowak via The Dieline.
My new tropical-themed post for the Etsy blog.
A collaboration between Adi Goodrich, Shirley Kurata & JUCO for Paper Magazine.


early behind the scenes sketches from Frozen / The Talk - Meryl Streep (also - Meryl Streep outfits and Star Wars characters) / mall episodes / on Greta Gerwig deciding to do a sitcom (also) / The War of the Roses / "unlike almost any female character on TV, she's truly floundering, and in the end may very well not succeed" / an interview with Nic Pizzolatto / Ghost World's accurate depiction of a friendship ending / random roles - Elliott Gould / David Fincher: A Film Title Retrospective / The History of Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally’s Marriage (I know it's impossible to really know what their marriage is like, but it seems wonderful) / kid casting (and speaking of child actors...) / the music of Arrested Development and Hannibal (plus - music supervisors) / former prisoners on Orange is the New Black / Brendan Fraser: The Movie Star that Hollywood Forgot (I will adore Blast from the Past forever) / I spent a long time reading through the archives of Rotten Tomatoes favorite film interview series - rolling my eyes at the actors who blatantly chose movies to impress people with their cinematic tastes / I love her dress


houseplants are timeless / Ricky Gervais loves cheese / language bulliesllamas / the tyranny of the smile / honestly, if I end up getting married someday, I'd only change my name if my future husband's last name sounded better with Mallory than my current last name does already - I just wouldn't want to ruin that nice MM alliteration / why families fight during the holidays / Lucius performing "Turn It Around" / I may not be the intended audience for these SipSnap cup covers, but I need a few (I'm paranoid about spilling liquid on my electronic goods) / Anabela's favorite yoga & meditation apps / are you good enough to save this dog? / on re-reading