Gems of the Week

Illustrations of the Coen brothers by Agata M. for The Dissolve.


Mud is great & now available on Netflix instant / Ryan Gosling as Busby Berkeley / The Comeback may be coming back (and in other Friends news - random roles with Matt LeBlanc) / "Why I loved not liking Veronica Mars" / on the unrequited-love trope / mask tests for The Silence of the Lambs / "My own life is totally different from the movies! The movies are just ... I like the idea of trying to create a world for the characters to live in, and usually it's sort of an invented place. And that's just something you do in the movies" ... or in books. I will never understand why some people think that Wes Anderson lives in a replica of the Tenenbaum's brownstone / on Sofia Coppola directing a new version of The Little Mermaid / I had no idea that Matthew Weiner's son plays Glen / The Golden Girls / the problem of doing what's been done before in regard to the Muppets (ummm, I have so many fresh ideas for the Muppets - get in touch Disney) / tv criticism vs. film criticism / Thelma Schoonmaker / Bob's Burgers burger names


The Mushroom Picker / Talkin' JEWELS: Erie Basin's Russell Whitmore / an interview with Joseph Schindelman (original illustrator of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) / through the window / beautiful stone iphone cases / free printable brunch invitations (plus some stickers) by Emma Trithart / get a custom plushie of your face (or - if you're not a narcissist - the face of someone you know & love) / a cute app / an interview with Eirian Chapman at The Design Files / a stuffed blobfish


the story of how Moomintroll was born / electric blue eye make-up techniques / must every YA action heroine be petite? / I thought this was the way that everyone ate kiwi / a wedding announcement / Shirley Jackson's The Sundial - one of my 2013 reads (also, my beloved fave: We Have Always Lived in the Castle) / I would love to have a yurt office / cookbook in a box / the engineering of the chain restaurant menu / the pointlessness of unplugging / "If you actually believed Paltrow’s life was perfect, that’s kind of on you for taking every blog post and flowery Vogue profile literally" - this is what I want to say to people who get jealous of other people's lives just from their instagram photos - that's not an accurate depiction of their reality, nutbrains! (I mean nutbrain in the nicest way - it's the insult I use with my fam) / cookbooks & poetry / dogs licking peanut butter off their snouts / a ballet tumblr / Butters: A Food Blog