Royal Caballito

The new a/w 2013-14 collection from Royal Caballito is pretty marvelous.

Photography: Jerónimo Álvarez
Assistants: Diego Ene, Vicente Monedero, Magaly Briand
Digital Art: Diego Ene, Vicente Monedero
Hair & Make-Up: José Luis Ruzafa (Talents)
Model: Lucía Fernández (Mad Models)
Studio: www.estudiolanave.com

Teen Witch

I had never seen Teen Witch (1989) before. It's always been one of those movies that I've often heard people talk about (or seen people write about), but the references just went over my head. Witch-ish-shit is vaguely Halloween-related, so I decided to watch it for this first time for this week's post.

It was so much stranger than I was anticipating and - not to offend the people that love it - more terrible than I was expecting. I was predicting it being more on a Labyrinth level of awesomeness fantasy-wise, or a John Hughes level of greatness teen-wise..... not the case on either account.

In any case, I now know what everyone is talking about and I've seen the best rap performances on earth. Mission accomplished. Happy Halloween eve.

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