Movie Posts

Every Wednesday I used to do a movie post featuring screencaps (taken by me) from an old movie. 

I put together a page for each decade of films. If you go to the page you'll find title cards (or posters) and links to each post I've done from that decade. Go browse. Find a movie to watch (or avoid).

1930s / 1940s / 1950s / 1960s / 1970s / 1980s and 90s

Movies featuring some of my favorite actors - Shirley MaclaineGene KellyElliott Gould / Natalie Wood / Goldie Hawn / Judy Garland / Walter Matthau / Jack Lemmon / Tony Curtis / Dick Van Dyke / Barbra Streisand / Mia Farrow / Katharine Ross

Or, you could start by taking a look at one my favorite posts...
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High School Hellcats.
On Moonlight Bay.