The Harvey Girls

The Harvey Girls (1946) - a musical starring Judy Garland.

Summary via netflixOn a train trip west to become a mail-order bride, Susan Bradley (Judy Garland) meets a cheery crew of young women traveling to open a Harvey House restaurant at a remote whistle stop, and joins them when her marriage plans fall through. The girls battle corruption in their new town, mostly through the use of showstopping musical numbers.

She's filled with such high hopes about her husband (even though she's a mail order bride).
Part of the town's "corruption" that the Harvey girls are out to get rid of: Angela Lansbury and her fellow "dancing girls". 

This movie has a total virgin/whore thing going on with it - the dancing girls are mean and sort of bitch-tastic, but the Harvey girls are annoying and uptight. 

Judy's character ends up being sort-of inbetween by the end though.
I love cowboys who aren't afraid to wear color.
Yes, this movie is just as ridiculous as it looks.
And the battle begins.
Judy with her fiancee in the midst of their decision to NOT get married.
This guy runs the saloon and ends up being Judy's love interest. CREEP MASTER!
Looking at this it's hard to imagine that Angela would later end up playing Jessica Fletcher (or Mrs. Potts!).
Judy is obviously a master gunslinger.
Ohhhhhhhh yeah. I bet they'll be doing belly shots.
Angela eventually leaves town and the Harvey girls win. Uh. I love Judy, but still.

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  1. You mention that Netflix gave you the description for the movie's summary, meaning this is on Netflix. Uh-oh. Netflix is my downfall! Looks like I know what I'll be watchnig this weekend. Thanks lady!

  2. What a coincidence.. I just watched this recently. Loved the part where she played gunslinger. ;)

  3. This is one of the only Judy movies I have never seen! How did I miss it?! Must get asap! Thanks for the awesome recap :)


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