Gems of the Week

Carla Colour.



goodbye The Dissolve - you were one of my favorite movie sites /on the lack of female duos in animated movies and Inside Out (related - as much as I loved the movie, this is lame) / I would love to meet Carl Reiner / "a studious, judicious deployment of art direction" = one of the things I appreciate most about Sofia Coppola's films ("Coppola is constantly seeking images that explore the tension between the internal and external") / also: why wardrobe matters  / the Jurassic Park poop scene / the modernist homes of L.A. villains / choosing the music for Magic Mike XXL / an oral history of Love and Basketball / "Psychologists studying tears have used the opening sequence of Up to induce crying in lab participants" / on "turning off your brain" during movies / Jake Gylls really was great in Little Shop of Horrors and I'm so glad I got to see it


a conversation with Dr. Lecter  (and one with Bryan Fuller) / "there’s a difference between 'not for me' and 'not for any decent person.'" Adam Scott on his roles (the idea that only 15,000 people watched the Party Down finale is insane to me! More people read this article than watched that episode) / the granny square blanket / Hannibal jokes / Elaine gets a Vogue makeover / "I'll be 70 one day, going up to Jerry, saying, 'Jerry, it's me, Man Hands!'"


"Taylor’s career is, in fact, the perfected realization of every writer’s narrowest dream: To get back at those who had wronged us, sharply and loudly, and then to be able to cry innocent that our intentions were anything other than poetic and pure." / just a casual "will you be in my video?" message from Rihanna on Instagram


Kate Beaton on The Princess and the PonyRilla Alexander


parenting advice / very excited about the Misery playon writing for Lucky / questions from my mixed race son / pecs or it didn't happen / on tact / What I Learned From Leading Tours About Slavery At A Plantation / I love a good Greenies joke (Jenny Slate, Gabe Liedman, and Max Silvestri talk about weed...but mostly dog medications) / American Girl dolls / my co-worker Rachel thinks up amazing cocktails (see also) / help / anting


Gems of the Week

We Never Sleep (spring / summer 2015).

This post has been percolating for weeks, so a lot of this stuff is probably "old news."

+ this was very light image-wise, but I've been pinning a lot... check 'em out here.


"Robert Plant" / adding googley eyes to modern art / an interview with Martha Porter of Buried Diamond / Matisse shopping bags / Dot magazine (for pre-schoolers) / paper cut illustrations / a butt pin / Andy Warhol sunglasses / Literalogue / a new comic by Lizzy Stewart / food in art / Wee Hee Hees / Peter Pan prints / Kayla Mattes / Vans x Murakami / make your own Gemma Correll pug comic / dream bag


an interview with Ex Machina's production designer / Val Kilmer and Will Forte almost applied to be on Amazing Race together / on Adventure Time winning a Peabody award / love Grey's Anatomy or loathe Grey's Anatomy, you have to admit that if the writers can make people care so much about the death of a fictional character, they're doing something right (I will watch Grey's Anatomy until it ends--it's too late to stop now + <3 Karev <3 forever) / why Sansa Stark deserves the throne / The Great Mouse Detective is great / good for Elizabeth Banks / what would Veronica Corningstone wear? / "a romantic comedy made by someone who’s researched human behavior but had very few brushes with it in person" - on Aloha / disappointing and exciting / The Grand Overlook Hotel


"the oral history" / some of the costumes were donated (I think that's so cool) / the music / the first and last appearances / young Pete / random comment - I know that some people think that Peggy and Stan ending up together is too much of a romantic comedy ending, but idgaf - it made me so happy that I cried


How 15 Minutes Of Internet Fame Did Nothing For My Books / CookFiction / on rereading / no comment (liked this, although I think comments should be done away with altogether) / an interview with Christopher Silas Neal and another with Carson Ellis and yet another with Jen Corace



BOOKS - April

And (once again) it's time for a book post. It's actually PAST time for a book post (as it's already the 19th), but.... oh well. 

For more book greatness - here's  February and March, January, November / December, September / October and August (where you'll find links to all the other past book posts).

Starting off with the books that I hope to eventually read and someday add to my collection...
Snow White and the 77 Dwarfs by Davide Cali and Raphaelle Barbanegre.
Florabelle by Sasha Quinton, illustrated by Brigette Barrager, with photographs by Michel Tcherevkoff.
Danny by Gwendal Le Bec and Yann Le Bec.
The Story of Mademoiselle Oiseau by Andrea De la Barre De Nanteuil and Lovisa Burfitt.
How Many Legs? by Kes Gray and Jim Field.
The Worrier's Guid To Life by Gemma Correll.
The Fishermen by Chigozi Obioma.
We Dig Worms by Kevin McCloskey.
The Game of Love and Death by Martha Brockenbrough.
Pablo: Art Masters Series by Julie Birmant and Clement Oubrerie.
And.... the books that I read and enjoyed over the course of April.

Lulu and the Brontosaurus by Judith Viorst and Lane Smith / Ariol: Happy as a Pig by Emmanuel Guibert and Marc Boutavant
Yes Please by Amy Poehler / The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith / Wild by Cheryl Strayed
Hearts by Thereza Rowe / Edmund Unravels by Andrew Kolb