The Yellow Rolls-Royce

Today's movie is The Yellow Rolls-Royce (1964).

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So.... not the best. You may have noticed that I rather frequently describe some of the movies I feature here as that..... Ha! Oh well. At least they're visually appealing..... so you can enjoy the post even if I didn't particularly enjoy the film. 

That's what I get for Netflix-ing movies that I think sound sort of quirky. Yeah - they're quirky all right. Not in a very great way, though.
This movie is composed of three segments and each one features a yellow Rolls-Royce - the car has a different owner each time. 

This was probably one of the most uneven movies I've ever seen - comedy? drama? what's going on? 

The tone fluctuates way too much. First it's a marital drama.... then a rather silly vignette featuring Shirley MacLaine as a mobster's girlfriend (that's the best segment).... and then the FINAL chapter just comes out of nowhere - BOOM! Here's Ingrid Bergman fighting Nazis in Yugoslavia with her petite pet Pekingese. WHAT?!?! Where did that come from!?! I don't know.
An extravagant red costume that I don't like. A rare occurrence.
Truth be told, I chose this movie just because Shirley MacLaine was in it. Thanks for nothing, Shirley!
She's unimpressed with Italy and I'm just as unimpressed with the movie.
I love straw purses. Pretty impractical, but great.
Snakeskin covered menus. Fancy.
The dog guards the Rolls-Royce while Ingrid gets some action inside of it.
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  1. I have never heard of this movie! I prefer Shirley as a redhead, I must say.


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