My Sister Eileen

Today's movie is My Sister Eileen (1955) starring Janet Leigh, Jack Lemmon & Betty Garrett.

Summary (via) -
Actress Eileen Sherwood (Janet Leigh) and her sister Ruth (Betty Garrett) plan to take Manhattan by storm once they arrive. But Ruth's dreams are immediately quashed when her new boss, editor Robert Baker (Jack Lemmon), orders her to write about her gorgeous sibling's love affairs. Naturally, Eileen, too, is less than pleased by this turn of events. Bob Fosse choreographed the musical numbers for this charming comedy written by Blake Edwards. 
Let's be frank - this movie is about as flattering as this sleep ensemble (yes her legs look great, but it's weird). Does that comparison make sense to you? Probably not much. The movie is ehhh. 

I love musicals, so I can make it through almost all of them... waiting patiently for the singing and dancing. 

I'll take this moment to say that I'm so very glad that I enjoy musicals. I hear people saying / see people writing that they hate musicals and I always think "That SUCKS for you!!!!" Musicals are such a treat! And they're so much fun to sing while you're driving! 

Driving alone or with another musical lover, that is. I'd NEVER make you listen to me sing all of Captain Hook's songs from Peter Pan ("OHHHHH MY MYSTERIOUS LADY - TELL ME YOUR NAMEEEEEEEE!") if you're someone that doesn't like musicals. I'm not cruel.

("TAKE OFF YOUR VEIL AND LET ME SEE YOUR FACE / WHY HIDE YOUR BEAUTY BENEATH THAT TENDER LACE" That was all in caps because I'd honestly be shouting the words. Don't even get me started on the tangotarantella. Dream role. Wildest dream role.)
Whenever I see Bob Fosse or even hear the word "fosse"..... I think of this. And then I take two pirin tablets.
All I want is a dress that twirls that well (obviously worn with underwear really worthy of view).
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  1. me too. fosse fosse fosse! madonna. madonna. madonna. i see your tango and i'll raise you a hello dolly. or a wilkommen bienvenue welcome.

  2. Ok... Not to be weird, but we might be kindred spirits because I LOVE THE PETER PAN MUSICAL ESPECIALLY THE MARY MARTIN VERSION! Cyril Ritchard as Captain Hook is amazing. My boyfriend and I often sing "What's your secret, la la la la la la" to our dog, I don't know why. I can sing all the songs by heart. amaaaaazing!!!! love your posts!

    1. I wish i could have a Harry-Potter-style talking painting of Cyril Ritchard as Captain Hook just so I could interact with him on a daily basis.

      & now my top requirement for my next boyfriend is the ability to sing along to songs from the Peter Pan musical with me. You have obviously found a keeper!


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