9 Awesome Things - Polka Dot Edition

ROW 1 - bathing suit at Madewell / card pack by Lindsay Noble at Ship & Shape / tote

ROW 2 - dress by Cihanbey Boutique / sneakers / shirt by Mina Perhonen at Couverture and The Garbstore

ROW 3 - dress at Spool No. 72 / wallet by Porte Monnaie at Darkroom / bikini at Toast

Super Attractive Bobby Pins

I always use bobby pins when I pull up my hair (for those stupid wisps at the back of my neck). The bobby pins that are currently nesting in hair are no where NEAR as cute as these guys.

I realize that it's somewhat ridiculous to devote an entire post to bobby pins, but I'm so into these. & it's Sunday, so.... why not. They will forever rest in this portion of my blog. Forever & ever - the end.