Hi everyone. I'm Mallory & this is my blog.

Here's my contact info.

Post schedule

Mondays - Edible Gems (links to delicious recipes)

Tuesdays & Thursdays - Compilation posts (a collection of images based on a theme - more on those here)

Weekend - at the end of each week I do a Gems of the Week post featuring all the wonderful things I found on other blogs during the course of the week. Browse all those here.

Monthly - at the end of each month I do a post devoted to the books I read... along with all the books I discovered over the course of the month (books I hope to read one day). You can find the most recent edition of that type of post here (where you'll also find links to all the previous book posts if you're looking for something awesome to read or a beautiful picture book to page through).

Other places to find me on the internet

Other tumblrs I run (I realize that this is somewhat excessive... it's completely fine) -  Illustrated Ladies / Illustrated Gents / Wear Color / Colorful Homes / The Zoo Keeper

I work at BuzzFeed as a Staff Writer. Here are my posts. Enjoy them. Thanks.

I used to write for the Etsy blog - check out my posts here (and also here & some pins here).


I used to have a blog called Where the Lovely Things Are, but I got so damn sick of that as a blog title that I had end its life. BUT, if you're paging back-back-back through this blog you're going to encounter posts that were originally posted there. Minus the comments they gathered because when I moved over here the comments couldn't come along too. A shame.