Hi everyone. I'm Mallory & this is my blog.

It used to be updated frequently...  now it's pretty sparse.

When I do post, those posts usually fall into the following categories...
Other places to find me on the internet

Other tumblrs I run (I realize that this is somewhat excessive... it's completely fine) -  Illustrated Ladies / Illustrated Gents / Wear Color / Colorful Homes / The Zoo Keeper

I work at BuzzFeedHere are my posts. Enjoy them. Thanks.

I used to write for the Etsy blog - check out my posts here (and also here & some pins here).


I used to have a blog called Where the Lovely Things Are, but I got so damn sick of that as a blog title that I had end its life. BUT, if you're paging back-back-back through this blog you're going to encounter posts that were originally posted there.