Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

Today's movie post features another Natalie Wood film - Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969).

I have such a crush on young Elliott Gould.
You can't really tell, but he's doing the most amazingly awkward dance right now.
More of the awkward stoned dancing.
I can't wear sleep masks. I hate waking up and only seeing blackness. Even though some part of me KNOWS I'm wearing a sleep mask, I always think "BLIND! I'VE GONE BLIND! NO LONGER SHALL I READ!"
That wall art looks sort of It's-a-Small-World-y.
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  1. Welp, adding this to my "must watch" list!

    And, if we're confessing strange celebrity crushes, I have a mondo crush on young Richard Dreyfuss. Specifically in American Graffiti and also in Close Encounters.

    1. I can definitely understand a young Richard Dreyfuss crush.


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