Today's movie is Spellbound! Directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck.

The summary from Netflix - 
Dr. Edwards (Gregory Peck) arrives at the Green Manors Mental Asylum and falls for the beautiful Dr. Petersen (Ingrid Bergman). But she discovers that he's a paranoid amnesiac impostor, which leaves her wondering: What happened to the real Dr. Edwards? Based on Francis Beeding's novel The House of Dr. Edwardes, Spellbound -- which was nominated for six Oscars and won for Best Original Score -- is one of Alfred Hitchcock's finest films.
I don't have a huge amount of commentary for this one. Although I will say that it is now one of my fave Hitchcock movies.
I think it's fairly easy to tell what screencaps I chose for their artistic purposes... and what ones I chose for their portrayal of a nice costume situation (for instance - the robe above).
White! White! White! 

Yeah... the last few images probably don't make sense unless you've seen the movie.
The image above and some following are taken from a dream sequence. When I was watching it, I thought - "This is pretty Dalí-ish". And OH HO HO! Salvador Dalí was in charge of the sequence! If the imdb trivia section is to be believed, the dream scene was originally 20 minutes long (instead of 2) - I wish I could watch the whole thing.
Sorry for posting this one, Ingrid. 

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