All That Jazz

All That Jazz (1979) directed by Bob Fosse, starring Roy Scheider (I will never think of you as "The guy from Jaws again), Leland Palmer, Ann Reinking, Ben Vereen, Jessica Lange and John Lithgow.

I loved this movie. I loved this movie so much. 

This actress's name is Leland Palmer. LELAND PALMER.
Does this woman (Ann Reinking) bring back childhood memories? That's because she was Grace in Annie.
So this is the finale.... and it's amazing. Maybe one of my favorite movie scenes ever? I've been dancing around singing the song ("Bye Bye Life") almost constantly since. Slipping around on hardwood floors in socks doing jazz hands and kicks. It's an ebullient YET morbid (the subject matter) pastime for me.

If you enjoy Six Feet Under or musicals or just GOOD MOVIES - watch All That Jazz. I mean, you can watch the finale now (and you should) but it just isn't the same if you haven't seen the rest. As you probably assumed.

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