A New Kind of Love

While it's never a total waste of time to watch a movie featuring Paul Newman (I mean - the handsomeness really is off the charts), this is one of those very strangely plotted old movies. But there are costumes by.....
 ..... Edith Head!! So at the very least this movie is a visual treat (both costume and human-wise). Also starring Paul's beloved wife - Joanne Woodward. 

Joanne Woodward's character works as a "fashion pirate" of sorts - she goes and copies high fashion designs for the lower-priced line she works for. She's a designer for a 1960s version of Zara or H&M or Forever21 or something.

I told you that the plot was weird (and that doesn't even begin to delve in to the strange intricacies you'll see if you actually watch the film).

Also weird - her blue-tinted glasses. She wears them a lot. I had no idea that that was a 1960s eyewear trend.
Maurice Chevalier shows up at one point. Why not. They're in Paris after all. It's only natural.
So many strange sport-related dream sequences.
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