(CHILDREN'S) BOOKS - September

Will there ever be a month in which I do NOT discover enough new-to-me children's books to fill a huge post? Doubtful.

My Octopus Arms by Keith Baker.
Fairy Tale Comics: Classic Tales Told By Extraordinary Cartoonists edited by Chris Duffy.
Toys Galore / Wait! Wait! / The Big Book of Anorak
Francis the Little Fox by Veronique Boisjoly, illustrated by Katty Maurey.
Murilla Gorilla and the Lost Parasol by Jennifer Lloyd, illustrated by Jacqui Lee.
Peck Peck Peck by Lucy Cousins.
Odd Dog by Claudia Boldt.
Yeti, Turn Out the Light by Greg Long and Chris Edmundson, illustrated by Wednesday Kirwan.
Jack's Amazing Shadow by Tom Percival.
The Bear's Song by Benjamin Chaud.
Who's on First? by Abbott & Costello, illustrated by John Martz.
Robots, Robots Everywhere! by Sue Fliess, illustrated by Bob Staake.
Can You Dance to the Boogaloo? by Alice V. Lickens.