Gems of the Week

Gemma Correll. Depressing. Although I will admit to making what could be referred to as a "sexy jellyfish" costume during college.



Breaking Bad stars reveal which props they kept (or stole) / baby Walter White / "I’ve reached a point in my life where my Truman Show boat has hit the painting" - obviously, there are more important things in this interview to focus on, but I love that Kanye drops a Truman Burbank (and Vanellope Von Schweetz) reference. / I specifically remember seeing Ann's Steven Alan floral top during an episode, recognizing it and thinking - "She wouldn't be wearing that." The wardrobe department went another (less-realistic) way than the costume designer for The Office did, because I don't think that The Office ever veered off into having Erin, Pam or even Kelly wear expensive shit. Or maybe they did and I just don't spend as much time lurking on their wardrobe-source store websites as I do with Madewell, Anthropologie, Steven Alan and the like... anyway.  / I really enjoy the new Mickey Mouse shorts / I will eventually watch this and this if they actually become series / behind the scenes photos from Girl, Interrupted / a Freaks and Geeks video game


Rachel's "Biz Ladies Profile" on Design*Sponge / what a beautiful, beautiful field / an interview with Cathy Olmedillas of Anorak Magazine / thisissand / custom dog treat cookie cutters / now I want to visit Lisbon / Jane Curtain's bitchface / of course he did / the cutest cat doughnuts

Finally, Jeff from booooooom with the best description I've read in regards to why (or why not) you will (or won't) post something on a blog you "curate" -
it’s not so much a question of whether something is good or not good. It’s more about whether I feel like it fits with the other work I’m curating for the site. It’s like making a mix tape. If the theme of my mix tape is “90s west coast rap” I’m not gonna put a Wu-Tang song on it. By not including Wu-Tang I’m not saying they aren’t good, it just doesn’t fit with the theme of that particular mix.
That's also why so few blogs pull off sponsored content successfully or seamlessly - those sponsored posts just don't fit into their "mix". Sometimes so glaringly it's like you popped a Doris Day song onto that "90s west coast rap mix".