The Haunting of Julia / Full Circle

I'm just realizing that I've never done a Rosemary's Baby post and that is a grave error because it's one of my favorite films of all time. Which is strange, because it's also one of the films that fills me with the most rage (my nightmare is being in a "NOBODY BELIEVES ME!!!!!!" situation). Anyway, in today's film The Haunting of Julia / Full Circle (1977) Mia Farrow has bad luck again. Specifically, bad luck with a child again

(as usual with these posts - spoilers ahead.)

This time, Mia doesn't have have a devil of a child, she just has a dead one. And then one who is "undead" - OR SO SHE THINKS AT FIRST (turns out it's the ghost of another girl bothering her [a real shit]).
I'm not afraid of real live clowns (except Pennywise: just googling him gives me the shivers), but toy ones? Almost always creepy.
As of now, you can watch this on netflix instant and I recommend it. It's not the fastest moving thing on earth, but it does develop a wonderfully creepy atmosphere (unsettling me enough to cause me to turn around and make sure there wasn't someone else in the room several times - a sign of Mallory-unsettled-ness).
.... also I just found it to be attractively shot.
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