Gems of the Week

A few screenshots I took from High School Confidential.
Photograph by Willy Vanderperre; styled by Edward Enninful; W magazine June/ July 2014.
I have a copy of Frankie Magazine's Spaces: Volume 2 and it is so very good. Definitely one of my favorite home/interiors books. Here's a video preview. You should get a copy.
20th Century Carpets at Wright via FutuRustic.
Emily Isabella.
Pari Dust ("style inspired by all the exquisite art & architecture that surrounds me").
Toy typists at Letterology.
A vintage Sara Lee cookbook at and everything else too.
Claire Keane.
Meow Meow Tweet - Summer Saviors.
Will Bryant.


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kitchen skills of TV dads / Joe Swanberg's top 10 at The Criterion Collection / light stalking / Yael Stone and Lea DeLaria / "Hell is going to a friend of a friend's birthday party" / Disney villains / Natasha Lyonne + Maya Rudolph chatting / "Kohan and her team build a structure less on plot machinations and more on the ways tiny actions—an act of rudeness here, a moment of kindness there—ripple outward until they become huge waves that can capsize ships" / Orange is the New Black actors on Law and Order / Tim Rice on his songs for The Lion King / me too / Eli Wallach / "But with any piece of art, you have to put aside what you wanted to see and ask: What are they showing me? And judge it on that." / "Who cares about feeling like an adult! I want to feel like my self from always"


The Best Book in the World / "A lot of people give advice based on their unique and singular experiences as if they can somehow draw universal wisdom from that. I suspect there is also an element of sabotage involved" / "Realism is a construct, the same as any other genre. In America, it sits in a place of privilege as something more literary and authentic—but this is about nothing but tradition" / the joy of typing / RIP Mary Rodgers / "Like most children, my taste was perverse; I gravitated toward impish protagonists who played mischievous tricks, threw fits, and caused general mayhem."