Viva Las Vegas

Today's movie - Viva Las Vegas starring Elvis & Ann-Margret.

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I'd never seen an Elvis Presley movie and after watching this.... I still don't really get the appeal. He's known as being such a hunk, but I just think he's super awkward. 

Ann-Margret is ALSO awkward. Thus why I love her. Yes, she can be ~sexy~ to the extreme, but then she also pulls these amazingly goofy faces.
Watch "She Loves Me" (the song the last 8 screencaps are from) here.
Now this will turn into an even bigger Ann-Margret appreciation post than it already was. See the dance here.

Will someone please cast a spell on me and have the spell fill my brain with the choreography for this number?
That's just awkward! Is it just me?! I don't get it. And I like awkward! But not Elvis's awkward.
This little dance was pretty hot though. And for one shining moment I was actually upset that I didn't have a boyfriend PURELY because I wanted to be watching the movie with him and recreating the dance.
After the sexy dance, awkwardness quickly resumed.
.... and then disappeared. She can just turn it off and on LIKE THAT.
& Elvis is impressed.
"I should be the American icon, not you Presley-pal."
This was my favorite outfit.
You'd never know this was a movie in which race car driving featured prominently, would you? I'm not  really one for race car driving.

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  1. I've seen this movie like three times on mute when I was at an Elvis themed bar for about six hours to play a show there. Our music, for the record, was not particularly Elvis-y so I'm not sure why they wanted us, but I'll always remember that night fondly because they gave me a free veggie burger, fries, and some fancy pink drink with a name that was an Elvis reference.
    But I take it I didn't miss much in the movie by just admiring the visuals?

  2. i'm not one for race car driving either. i have never understood the appeal of elvis. to me, his face looked like an extended long version of a five-year-old boy's face put on an adult body. but maybe that was just me who felt that way. anyway, i want to have ann margaret's legs in place of my legs, please. thanks, lady! like the 'presley-pal' bit. haha

    1. That is a perfect description of his facial area.

  3. I've never seen this movie, but I've definitely developed an appreciation for Ann Margaret recently... Mostly because she's a sexy redhead (and I am too)!

  4. Haha too perfect, I just watched Newsies last weekend - Ann-Margret as Christian Bale's older lady crush yo!


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