Gems of the Week

Matt Lyon.
Everyone needs to go pre-order Anne Emond's comic.
Handmade By Allison Cole.
Barry Lee.
A quote from Tove Jansson’s Moominsummer Madness illustrated by Monika Forsberg.
Winona Ryder, photographed by Glen Luchford for for Rag & Bone.
Doodle Dandy - cards by Lydia Nichols.


Steve Buscemi as a child / apocalypse-style movie posters / sandwiches: a quick reference guide to any cartoon character / Joe Swanberg on Sex Tape / blockbusters and women / Miss Rosa is the Meryl Streep of audiobooks / The Pink Panther / mocktresses / warm-up comedians / Dinosaurs / bottle episodes / the Galaxy Quest oral history / pop culture in The 40-Year-Old Virgin / "Richard Linklater talks about how people often assume that his movies, which feel so real, must be improvised. Linklater calls that assumption 'an insult,' adding, 'Real talk would be horrible.'" / what Dorothy is wearing this fall / "...who has been my wigmaker for years" - Glenn Close (one of the perks I'd enjoy about being an actress - I want a longterm wigmaker) / "You have to be really careful to watch out for the difference between banding together, and being grouped together by people who don’t understand you" - Jenny Slate / what an amazing wedding cake topper choice / Lauren Bacall's chill wedding (and her Proust questionnaire) / previously unseen Jurassic Park poster art


beetopia / a doll house rug / the co-ed cookbook / pet portrait jewelry / my mythical creature post for Etsy / fabric by Donna Wilson / trend "spotting" / Danielle Kroll for Anthropologie / an interview with Phoebe Wahl / Pringles gradient  / back to school wrap / fruits of labor / such an awesome tumblr (on the history of graphic design in Japan) / fishy hand puppets


magical portals / an interview with Edan Lepucki's editor, copy editor and agent (plus an interview with Edan) / on how writers both are and are not their characters / Jennifer Weiner / "Teenage girls are really intense, and that scares people. It scares people how intense they get and it's kind of scary when you are a teenage girl. You feel things so strongly, and I think that scares people, so they want to turn it into something cute and be dismissive" - Rainbow Rowell / Countablock / judging a book by its cover / Lois Lowry (who lives one town over from me)


an ice cream cone cake / endless appetizers / on saving clicks / Pure Moods (I remember this commercial so vividly) / chocolate lego / Flower Power: Pit Bulls of the Revolution / attractive food blog o' the week / a rocking llama / dogs enjoying popsicles / the approval matrix