Gems of the Week

Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree. An important image from my childhood.
Marina Muun.
Ellen Surrey.
Maori Sakai.



The Comeback / this poster is great / pizza in the movies (via Alison) / The Sleepless in Seattle houseboat / I rewatched Lars and the Real Girl after seeing this illustration and it was even better than I remembered / I enjoy reading about people's eating habits / I hope that this ends up being made / The Shining toy prototypes / Molly Lambert on Joan Rivers / Christian Bale: Shape Shifter / "It’s entirely possible that she’s an icon precisely because she doesn’t speak for anyone else, because she has the exceedingly rare ability to be 100 percent herself, 100 percent of the time — or at least to come off that way" - on Lena Dunham / the history of Entertainment Weekly / the Hannibal score is so, so good / "I’d get very discouraged and bail on things because I was super insecure. It was that awful combination of being insecure and impatient. Also, you’re afraid of failing, so you sabotage yourself so that you’re not failing" - Bill Hader


sentences / an interview with a pair of book publicists  / making sense of creative writing's job problem / "I suffered nothing except the routine terrors of childhood: fear of the dark, fear of the future, fear of the return to school after a summer on a lake in Maine, fear of making an appearance on a platform, fear of the lavatory in the school basement where the slate urinals cascaded, fear that I was unknowing about things I should know about" - E.B. White / Go To Sleep, Little Pets / a story that gave child-Mallory nightmares / shelving books


a crab molting / I’m tired of seeing intelligent women—and some lovely men—waste so much time repeating themselves because their audience still can’t accept basic concepts like “Women are human.” / so, I linked to that article on The Maine Hermit last week because a.) I live in Maine and b.) it's an insane story - then I read Mallory Ortberg's post about him at the Toast and I feel the need to point out that I cannot fathom anyone treating him as a hero and I want to be sure that no one thought I linked to the article in celebration of that brand of hermit-dom (other types of hermit-dom I fully support). / a dog swallowed 43 1/2 socks / save the monarch butterflies / responding to one-handed reviews and the revenge porn fixers / Baked: The Blog / buying instagram followers / Janelle Monae on Sesame Street