Gems of the Week

Have a marvelous weekend, everyone.
via This Must Be the Place.
I've seen Atonement tons of times, but I never realized just how amazing this costume is until now. Via flora will save me.
Paper Pastries. I just watched all of Dawson's Creek for the first time a few months ago, so I enjoyed seeing these.
I think these are probably my favorite dresses in the new Ermie collection. Photos by Kate Miss.
Korean Pojagi patchwork from at exhibition at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum via love forever.


  1. you have a marvelous weekend, too, you lovely lady, you. hey, i'm a poet and i didn't realize it. cheers for the mention, i pretty much drooled all the way through atonement's costume design and wished i were kiera knightly for the umpteenth time, especially in the green satin frock in the library with mr. mcavoy! is it hot in here? love the fantasia poster and i want the Ermie dresses and the quilts.

  2. That Fantasia poster is amazing.


Thanks for your comment you wonderful person you.