Ziegfeld Girl

Another movie post, another cautionary tale. 

Were all old movies focusing on women cautionary tales? 

Probably most of them.

Today's movie - Ziegfeld Girl (netflix / wikipedia / imdb) - shows how fame effects three different Ziegfeld girls.
I'm feeling lazy summarization-wise, so here's the summary from Amazon
An elevator operator, a wife of a struggling concert violinist, a born-in-a-trunk vaudevillian: they're three different women on three different paths of life, yet they soon share one dream: to become a Ziegfeld Girl. Lana Turner, Hedy Lamarr and Judy Garland play the respective three trying for stardom in this sumptuous extravaganza. James Stewart adds to the star wattage, playing the jilted truck-driving beau of Turner's footlight diva. 
Hedy Lamarr's face. Just look at that face.
Again - the face.
Okay, I wouldn't be down with the whole "having men sit in the audience and ogle you" thing, but while I was watching this movie ALLLLLLLLLL I wanted to do was strut down those stairs wearing these costumes. For an audience of people that just enjoyed costumes. The costumes! If I was an insanely rich person, I'd just wear things like this all day every day.
I will always take a screencap of handwriting.
I want sheets that say "bonne nuit!" on them now. Satin sheets.
I don't want to be woken up via perfume spritzes, though.
This character basically chooses shoes over Jimmy Stewart. POOR CHOICE! But those are nice shoes. I'll give her that.
The face.
Another sort of face. The opposite of Hedy's serious face, really.
The (Hedy) face is news.
Cautionary tale alert!!!
My favorite dance scene - synchronized bed prancing was involved.

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  1. I am loving these movie reviews. My husband, however, is not liking when they pop up to the top of our Netflix queue...

    1. I'm happy to help you / annoy your husband! haha

  2. jimmy stewart in a leather jacket, no less! :)

  3. Thank you for always being so funny -- the pom pom dress is a fave!

    Luckily, my boyfriend loves B&W classics, so "top of the queue" will be a good thing. :-)

  4. This is wonderful, I love all these fabulous pictures! Thanks so much! :)


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