Things that cost $25 or less that you may want to give to someone as gifts (Part II)



  1. i didn't see a source for the green dinosaur tote bag? it's my favorite of the bunch. thank you for putting this together. so many pretty things.

  2. I don't know the source anymore! Unfortunately.

    Long explanation - when I make posts like this, I find the items and then save the images to my computer using the site address as the image title. By the time I actually made the post, the tote was removed from the shop that I saved it from (somewhere on etsy) and I tried to find it again (searching for "dinosaur tote", "dinosaur bag", etc.) but I couldn't find it. It killlllllllllls me to post something without a source, but. Yeah. That's the situation. Sorry, Lauren!


Thanks for your comment you wonderful person you.