The Three Musketeers

"Why would you put me in a movie with insane costumes but no singing and dancing? WHY? WHYYY!?" - Gene Kelly. Maybe. Actually I read that he liked this role, and I understand that he doesn't always have to sing and dance...... buttttttttttt.....

I love masks like this. See also - this.
I look at this and think "not the best look", but I know that someone out there would look at this and think "Ohhhhh yeahhhhhh". Variety is the spice of life or whatever.
So happy.
They didn't let Angela sing either. SHOULD HAVE.
See also - this and this. Some photographer should do a series - "Men in Chairs with Cats".
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  1. Hahaha - this is amazing. It's so weird to see these actors in "period garb" - they can't hide those shiny tans!

    Angela looks amazing as ever though :)

  2. Is that (the man with the cat) Vincent Price??? Love him!

    Also, the first couple of caps of Gene Kelly makes him look like Jean Dujardin.

    1. IT IS! I love him too.

      & very accurate point about the Jean-Dujardin-ness.


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