An American in Paris

I haven't done a Gene Kelly movie in awhile, so I thought the time had come for An American in Paris (1951). I really like this one - great costumes and scenery, ballet dancing, art-inspired... it's great.

The plot of this one is pretty simple - Gene Kelly plays an artist living in Paris. He falls in love with a girl. She loves him, but she's engaged to someone else. Oh no. What will happen? Guess. Just guess.
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  1. I remember watching this movie with my mom and being totally into it - and then they got to that scene where he's in the all white/beige outfit and my mom, totally out of character, exclaimed that she thought he looked like a sperm.


  2. I LOVE this film. Absolutely love it. I went through a big Gene Kelly phase in my teens and watched this film a lot. Love the big ballet when Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron are in silhouette and the music changes. Stunning. Great design too. It was fun to look through all the pictures.


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