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books & books & books (plus - on the shelf) / food in Martin Scorsese movies / I will mourn the eventual loss of Netflix's dvd service as though it were an important human relationship & I'm not ashamed of this fact / on The Petticoat Junction theme song (my sister and I used to love to sing it during the first year we got cable as children and watched a lot of TV Land) / Greenberg and asterisks on a mix cd / Jerry Seinfeld's ama (also - Spike Jonze) / movie musicAmy Jellicoe & Tina Belcher / apartment hunting with Natasha LyonneThe Rise and Fall of Fox Civilization in Disney Films (the fox in Mary Poppins is so cute) / on body image & movies / "As a female comic, I would say 70 percent of the tweets I get or the feedback I get is whether or not they want to have sex with me. Every day I get a lot of, 'Am I crazy that I want to sleep with her?' I've been getting feedback on whether or not I’m fuckable since 2007" - an interview with Amy Schumer / the make-up of Prisoners / "When I had it on it almost felt like some version of a superhero cape. It didn't have any special talents, but actually created negative abilities." - Greta Gerwig on her Frances Ha jacket / "movie lovers" who don't like to watch movies / women in Hollywood - 1 and 2 / Nicole Holofcener / Gaby HoffmanChandler & Monicathe McConaissance / Lucius singing "Go Home" in a kitchen / mystery novels / such a brave performance / expecting too much from best picture nominees / a Twin Peaks board game / unfortunately, Paul Dano can't drink milkshakes



a snow-woman bride / a moose farm / not here to make friends / save Clearly Canadian! / I love juice as much as Buster Bluth and I long to own a juicer, but I think that juice cleanses are pretty much the most idiotic things ever“Intimidating” Is Not a Compliment and I'm not really that scary / interview with a big dick / at home in Brooklyn / believe in your selfie / what no one tells you about motherhoodit’s okay to travel by foot / 30 (also) / exercise gifs / books that still have covers should expect to be judged by them / there are lots of great interviews at Claire Zulkey's website / Merrill Markoe on procrastinating / writing tips by Patrick Ness / if you live in Los Angeles you should join the LA Cake Club / getting my fucks in a row / famous people and their cameras / on blogging / the chemicals of food