The Legacy

Let's start this post off by pointing out that she has two huge portraits of her own face hanging on her wall. That's some Paris Hilton type shit.
I had high hopes for The Legacy (1979) - it stars Katharine Ross..... it takes place in England..... and there's a And-Then-There-Were-None-esque sort of plot. Unfortunately, those high hopes were dashed. Sort of a dud. But a strange, rather endearing dud. It tried. 

Sam Elliott. You see his ass at one point. I wasn't particularly hoping (or expecting) to get a glimpse of it, but (BUTT).... there it was.
Katharine Ross's character name is Maggie Walsh and apparently she's the namesake for the character on Buffy.

If you haven't seen Buffy please watch it before this. I'd say 99% of the episodes are preferable to this movie.
Roger Daltrey of The Who. "Acting."
Made me think of All That Jazz.
The most horrifying moment in the film. Captured forever for your enjoyment. 

If you get engaged soon, please post this image on your facebook wall with the caption "HE FINALLY PUT A RING ON IT!"

And then email me a screenshot. Thank you.
Doing her Stepford stare.
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