Gems of the Week (on a Wednesday? Oh well.)

Sarah Jacoby for Brown Paper Bag.
Datter Industries.
Sarah McNeil.
Jordan Peele's emoji movie summaries.
A few screenshots I took while watching Shall We Dance.
A few more screenshots I took while watching Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte.
Hello Pattern by Judy Kaufmann.


strong female characters (also) / lifts / skid row / the roles of Sarah Paulson / the man who animated the intro to Grease / Tilda Swinton's AMA / House Stark guide (it looks somewhat like Kinfolk meets Game of Thrones) / I like the Gone Girl posters / gotta dance gotta dance / umbrellas... now volcanoes - Pixar you can make inanimate objects fall in love forever and I'm down with it / Christopher Walken is going to be Captain Hook when NBC does the Peter Pan musical / Emily Nussbaum on Orange is the New Black and Louie / seeing Kristen Stewart in Jenny Lewis's new music video makes me want her to do a comedy ("Kristen Stewart contains more drollery in the crook of her little finger than you have in your entire miserable carcass")/ an interview with the costume designer for Masters of Sex



I decorated some shelves for EtsyAnna Valdez (a comment on that post kills me: "I like them very much and I am fussy and hard to please" - I'm sure she's just so glad that you're a fan, Brad) / fly art / Daniel Heidkamp / Kate Miss at Sight Unseen / happy ceramics / an alphabet of funk and soul / Hollander House / a wooden capybara / fruit / Katy Smail on Buy Some Damn Art