A Summer Place

I thought that A Summer Place (1959) was pretty amazing in all its melodramatic glory.

How melodramatic are we talking? Well, check out the trailer.
"And so, a word of caution.... when you come, be prepared to be SHOCKED! To see and hear things you've never before seen in a motion picture theater!" Sounds great! 

And this all supposedly goes down in my beloved state o' Maine.
The movie stars Sandra Dee, Troy Donahue, Richard Egan, Dorothy McGuire, Arthur Kennedy and Constance Ford. 

This is Constance Ford. Her character could definitely make the list of "Most Insufferable Characters in Film EVER." 
As the voice in the trailer warned you, it's all very shocking. 
Somehow I doubt that this scandal would reach the front page. Even in Portland. Even in 1959.
It kills me how many old movies show the passage of time using a clock close-up.
The scandalous lovers eventually ditch the Victorian inn for a Frank Lloyd Wright.
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