Tim Lahan

Today I'm wearing the Team Grilled Cheese t-shirt I got from Lunch League, so I thought it'd be an appropriate time to do a post featuring all designs Tim Lahan created for them.

A small grilled cheese tale for you - I remember being about eight years old & watching TGIF with my sister. We were lying on my parent's bed & it was getting towards the end of the glorious block of sitcom fun (so, it was probably about 9:45pm, BUT IT SEEMED SO LATE). My stomach was suddenly attacked with a wave of hunger and I said - "I wish I could have a grilled cheese sandwich". I think the hunger stemmed from seeing a commercial featuring a hamburger, and I knew that eating a hamburger was definitely impossible at that point of the night for little 8 year old me, but I must have thought a grilled cheese was in the realm of possibility.

Even so, I was shocked and ECSTATIC when my mom actually went downstairs and proceeded to prepare a grilled cheese sandwich for me. & I felt distinctly adult sitting at the kitchen counter post-TGIF eating the thing. Plus several pickles (because when you had a grilled cheese sandwich in my house, there was no way you weren't also having a few pickle spears - and they'd get bread crumbs stuck to them which always annoyed me in a very slight way).

End of random story. Random story that I tell because I remember this whole thing so freaking clearly.

It's lunchtime (at least in my US eastern time zone) so you should go make or procure a grilled cheese sandwich.