World Party Day!

So April 3rd is World Party Day and I'm going to be taking part in the festivities here on the blog. What is World Party Day? Well. This post or this post will fill you in a bit.

My contribution is going to be a visual assault of parties in film. You can use them as inspiration to throw your own party or learn what you do NOT want to do (because some of these are not really events to emulate).

Before I get started - the poster above? It's by Paul Morgan. And World Party Day has a tumblr & it's a delight.

& I'll link all the screencaps (that I took - for better or worse) to the movies they came from.


The first thing to do when you decide to have a party is invite some people.

You could do so with a hand-written note...
Or (for something different) send out magically formed bubble invites....
Anything works. Just get people to come. Give 'em time to plan.

Next, get your home ready for this event.
You may want to remove all the valuables.
Or hang up some decorations.

(Freaks and Geeks isn't a film, I know, but I'm including the party from "Beers & Weirs" in these World Party posts because I love it so much.)
If you haven't gotten permission for your party: either GET permission or don't throw one so intense and messy that you can't possibly hide it. Do something casual instead. You know, without animals (in a house owned by an uptight [but justifiably mad] interior decorator).

If you're planning an elaborate theme for your party, you'll need to deal with that in advance.
Diamonds for every guest: not something you can just pull out of your hat. That takes organization. Phone calls. Security. Money.
Complicated blackmail and murder related festivities also take some careful consideration beforehand.

Same thing goes for extravagant entertainment.

I'm talking about things like -
a dance troupe...
or life-size performing "dolls".

Ensembles can also take plotting.
Other activities aren't as high-maintenance.
You could throw together a puppet show with some dirty laundry.
Or host an impromptu "craft" party (while simultaneously rocking out).
If you have a pool, a pool party is an easy choice. Just be careful.

Games are usually fun....
.... plus they're a great way to get to know the other guests.
A few final pieces of advice for party throwing: just be kind & introduce yourself....
& try not to bore your guests.
Or invite any creepers.
And have fun!

Stay tuned for more World Party Day / parties in film posts (Eating & Drinking! Music & Dancing! Romance!).