World Party Day - Romance

World Party Day fun continues! This post isn't quite as long as the others (here & here), but.... still a joy.

Romance! At parties.

I remember talking to one of my friends when we were in 4th grade or so. I asked her how her parents met (for some reason) and her response was "At a party"... but she said it as though it were some sort of shady ordeal. Like that was a really sketchy and/or embarrassing way to meet your significant other. I laugh at that now. Parties are a great place for romance igniting! Obviously. I've had some great party-set romantic escapades. Particularly in high school.

Click on each image to find out what it's from. Per usual.

Also - I included Labyrinth images even though the idea of fully-grown-adult-man Bowie actually being involved in a romance with teenage-Jennifer-Connelly is ick.

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