Three Times a Lady

vintage McCalls magazine fashion illustrations via Adored Vintage.
Scott Campbell.
Comme des Garçons.
Vittorio Reggianinni.
Eleni Kalorkoti.
Thomas Wilmer Dewing.
Becca Stadtlander.
Boston Public Library.
Boston Public Library.
Kay Nielsen.
Yelena Bryksenkova.
Daniela Tieni.

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  1. Whenever I see images of three girls in a row, I can't help but think of my two sisters and I, and how we'd always scramble to decide "which one is me" when we were little. :)

  2. this is phenomenal. finding this particular thread to follow was inspired. kudos!

  3. cheers for the linkage lady, love this. my mom would burst out in her fav song to sing, 'we're three caballeros'.


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