You thought phfft was a sound? Well it's also a (decent) movie starring Jack Lemmon and Judy Holliday.

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Summary (via) - 
Nina and Robert Tracey (Judy Holliday and Jack Lemmon) are a couple who have been married for eight years who decide to get a divorce after suffering marriage troubles. Robert takes up with his womanising Navy buddy Charlie Nelson (Jack Carson) while Nina looks to her interfering mother for guidance. Robert decides to spend the night with Janis (Kim Novak), a Marilyn Monroe-type character who finds the dashing Robert quite cute, but he feels uncomfortable with Janis and any other girls that he dates. Nina also tries to date other men but fails as she is still in love with Robert. Although they try to ignore each other any time that they accidentally meet, it is obvious that the past is not dead. Then one night, they find themselves in a nightclub, dancing the mambo together.
Note - this statue has light up eyes & it sits on the window sill of their bachelor pad. When they're getting some action, they're supposed to turn it on and face it out so the other guy will see it while he's down on the street and know not to come up. The view from the window looks like the apartment is pretty far up, so I don't know how well this would work. What with glare and all. 
They called her a "Marilyn Monroe-type" in the summary and that was very accurate. She was trying too hard to be Marilyn - especially vocally. They should've just gotten Marilyn, if that's what they wanted. Or had Kim go a different way. C'mon guys.
.... she was pretty funny though.
The fact that circular beds are a pain in the ass is a major point in this movie, but I still want one. Sitting in the middle of an ENORMOUS walk-in closet. That's one of my dream-house requirements. Also - a secret room, and a booth to eat at in the kitchen.
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