Tammy and the Bachelor

Tammy and the Bachelor (1957) starring Debbie Reynolds and Leslie Nielsen.

Summary (via) -
When a small plane crashes near her country home, Southern girl Tammy (Debbie Reynolds) nurses its pilot, Peter (Leslie Nielsen), back to health. Soon, she's head-over-heels in love with Peter, charming him and his well-to-do family with her unique brand of small-town charm. Walter Brennan and Mildred Natwick co-star in the debut Tammy film, a delightful musical romance that spawned three sequels, a television series and an Oscar-nominated song.
"Delightful"? Not so much. Let's be real here - it's pretty much a dud. I chose it because I love Singin' in the Rain SO MUCH, and I saw that this had Debbie Reynolds in it.....


thumbs down.

Enjoy the screencaps though.
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