Gems of the Week

"If The Music Is Too Loud, You’re Too Old," featuring Mia Goth, photographed by Angelo Pennetta for i-D (Pre-Spring 2014).
Kaye Blegvad.
Odette New York.
The Short Con by Aleks Sennwald and Pete Toms. Read more at Study Group Comic Books.
Nolan Pelletier.
Forest & Waves.
Tom Eckersley, 1959.
Kip & Co.
Leah Goren.
Robin Davey.
"Coloring Book" at Rookie.
Sarah McNeil.
jolie su S/S 14 “Gypsy Puzzle Collection” by Alexandra Sulżyńska.




the new Coco Cake Land bloga fashion photo shoot with llamas / an interview with Laurie Keller about Arnie the Doughnut / Laurie Halse Anderson on Speak / Burl Ives / Brad Pitt in a dress / I'm not a sauna enthusiast, but I'd enjoy floating around on this thing in the non-sauna sections / Love coconut? THEN YOU MUST BUY THESE COOKIES! They are amazing. They are also made in Maine. Make an order.