Prom Night

Don't let the first image fool you - Jamie Lee Curtis doesn't do any killing in today's movie - Prom Night (1980). 

After doing my Black Christmas post I decided I'd throw in a ridiculous horror movie post every once in awhile. 

Honestly, this one wasn't particularly horrifying and the highlight was the disco soundtrack. As soon as the movie was over I went to download the song from the final scene - unfortunately it's not available anywhere that I could find and was only released in Japan. A tragedy.

Will I ever get to be a part of a hair-twin relationship? Maybe someday.
So she was walking down the street at the beginning of a movie and a guy she doesn't know shouts at her from a van - two minutes later and she's riding to school with him in the van. Five minutes later and they've decided to go to prom together. Maybe the only time in history that sexually harassing a girl from a moving vehicle resulted in a date.

Anyway. They have sex outside of the prom in the van and soon after - spoiler! - she's dead. 
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