Faber & Faber's The Romantics Series

Faber & Faber sent me their new poetry series - The Romantics. As you can see below, each book is beautifully (oh so beautifully) designed.

Some information -
Award-winning designer Miriam Rosenbloon has continued the great Faber tradition of commissioning original prints for book jackets; collaborating with the leading British printmakers of today to create a distinctive and highly collectable series look. The set draws inspiration from the classic designs of Josiah Wedgwood (who had strong links to the poets from the Romantic period) and references the historical origins of the poems themselves. Inside each volume is a set of glorious bespoke endpapers, created especially to point towards the historical technique of marbling. 
I've been slowly working my way through each volume. I haven't read nearly enough poetry since graduating from college, so it's been a treat.

Tonight - Keats. Maybe I'll watch Bright Star after I finish.

If you want to learn more about the design process behind the books you may want to read an interview that I found over at It's Nice That.
Faber & Faber also keeps a wonderful flickr account: it's full of old book covers from their archives. I picked out some of my favorites...