Food Week - Food Blogs

The last question I asked all the wonderful Food Week participants was what food blogs they subscribe to. You can use their answers for a bit of weekend reading (or looking).

Smitten Kitchen seems to be the overall favorite.

(all images are linked to their source)

Erin (Butter and Brass) - I'm starting to discover more and more amazing food blogs, but the links I check often are the same one's I've been reading over the past few years: 101 Cookbooks (for my inner vegetarian), David Lebovitz (for a little tast of Paris), Cannelle et Vanille (for the lovely photos), and Orangette (for the honest writing).

Maggie (Folkloric) - I love Sprouted Kitchen for how beautifully everything is photographed and styled, and of course the staple Smitten Kitchen is great as my go-to for just about everything. I used to read a ton of food blogs but I cut back on them since they were giving me too many good ideas (of all things!) for adventures in the kitchen and my grocery budget was going through the roof.

Anabela (Fieldguided) - I don't subscribe to any food blogs! I actually try to stay away from food blogs during the day or else I find myself wandering down to the incredibly mediocre cafeteria in the library or Starbucks! I don't really cook, either - somehow, over the years, that's become Geoff's job. He likes 101 Cookbooks and Smitten Kitchen. He just made this today and it was amazing.

Diana (Miss Moss) - I really enjoy Smitten Kitchen, What Katie Ate, My New Roots, Stonesoup... but I'm an exceptionally lazy cook, so it's more for eye candy than actual cooking inspiration. If I need to find a recipe in a hurry (i.e. my boyfriend is coming over and I actually have to cook something) then I usually browse Tastespotting.

Elise (Pennyweight) - I absolutely love food blogs, even though I am not the greatest cook. I'm trying, though! Some of my favorites are Smitten Kitchen, Roost and 101 Cookbooks. My pinterest board is overflowing with delicious ideas, too - I love pretty food!

Megan (Commas and Clauses) - I'm not a big food blog follower (uh, because I can't cook), but I occasionally take a gander at the following for inspiration: Matchbox Kitchen, My New Roots, and Goodbye Texas, Hello PA.

Liza (length x wit) - I look at Simply Recipes and A Couple Cooks quite a bit - both of them have a nice balance between every day meals and those meant for special occasions. Veggie num num is a good one, too. I stumbled across The Vegan Stoner recently, and I wish it had been around when I was in college. Honestly, I love looking at the food section of Pinterest for ideas as well. I've come across so many things there that I would never have found on my own.
Allira (So on and so forth) These are some good-looking food blogs I like to stare at daily: Blue-Eyed Bakers, Sunday Suppers and Scandi Foodie. This is the best raspberry and coconut recipe known to man. I'm not a muffin connoisseur, but I guess you can't go wrong when the key ingredients include cream cheese, sugar and sour cream.

Gemma Correll - I don't really follow any food blogs, but I do stalk other people's food-related pinterest boards and steal recipes from them. A lot of the time I don't actually make the recipes as they often include things that we can't get in the Uk, like canned pumpkin (which is why I'll never be able to make a perfect pumpkin pie...). Most of the recipes I save are for desserts or coffee.

Hannah (banana meet-cute) - Trotski and Ash. Their Birthday Borscht recipe is a firm favorite which started me on my infatuation with beetroot!

Katie (thank you, ok) - Lately I've been enjoying L.A. in Bloom, SNACKS, Bon Appetempt, and Acquired Taste. Most often, however, I use Smitten Kitchen (Deb always gets it right!).
Sara (Brown Paper Bag) - I am a vegetarian, so I try and subscribe to food blogs that are either vegetarian or offer a lot of meatless dishes. I love Joy the Baker, Smitten Kitchen, So Good and So Tasty, and Jonesing For (who is a fabulous friend of mine!). I also look at Food Gawker for inspiration.

Kate (Lovelorn Unicorn) - I worship at the altar of Smitten Kitchen, and love 101 Cookbooks too. I also read Milliemirepoix, Hungry and Frozen and Heartbreak Pie: as all three are lovely Wellington ladies, they inspire me to cook what's in season and available here in my city.

Jena (Modish) - I like Smitten Kitchen (especially her pasta cacio e pepe) and Pioneer Woman's potatoes au gratin are the perfect thing to bring to a Thanksgiving potluck.

Emily (Short Story Design) - A lifestyle blog with a food/drink bent that I'm really in to is Smith & Ratliff... for NYC restaurant reviews and yummy looking recipes (emphasis on the "looking"... I really don't cook).

Melanie (you are my fave) - I can't say that I subscribe to a lot of food blogs. I really enjoy good food, but don't have the love of actually making it. I just want my husband to take cooking lessons and for me to reap the benefits. I do love looking at Smitten Kitchen and Sunday Suppers (I love this one for the entertaining ideas as well).