Food Week!

Posting was sparse yesterday & will be today because I'm getting ready for....


If you've been reading this blog for a while you may remember the illustrious Book Week and now I'm finally getting around to putting together another themed week and it's devoted to food (one of the few things I love more than books).

So! It'll be great. You'll get to read food related musings from some of my favorite bloggers (like Elise & Diana & Liza & Anabela & Jen & many more), drool over delicious recipes, browse through a huge assortment of food-related-goods & food-related artwork and more, more, more.

Next week, pals. Next week! Monday morning.

I think you'll like it because... well, because food is delicious and awesome. How could you not like it! Come on!

Below you'll find some food-y imagery to serve as a little prequel for next week.
Dear Leila.
face in the clouds.
Abby Powell.
Angela Hardison.
Julianna Brion.