Gems of the Week

I meant to blog about the new Hound collection before this... but. Yeah. It's marvelous.
Tails from the Fishbowl by Rachel Bellinsky via banana meet-cute.
Anne Huijbregts.
Iconic Costumes In Film And Tv History (a blog). Obviously I started following it.
Illustrations by Barbara Jones & Clarke Hutton at Alice Pattullo's blog.
Atelier Stella.
p[pi:] via the aviary.
Philippa Rice.
Mike Lowery.
Becca Stadtlander for Red Cap Cards.
Daniel Frost.
I'm pretty obsessed with this skirt. Urban Tease.
We Never Sleep.
Rawaan Alkhatib.

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  1. Haha, Elaine's shoulder pads are awesome. I've always loved Rachel from Blade Runner's costume—I replicated it one year for Halloween. :)


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